Chitra Parvathy Merchant

Chitra Parvathy Merchant experiments with print processes like screenprint, monoprint, etching and digitally manipulated marks to arrive at images. Drawing is integral to her work. Most of her screen prints are ‘Variable Editions’ meaning the prints in a group vary slightly from one to another due to hand treating each print individually over and above printing the stencil. So while the feel of the main image remains the same, each print will have certain unique elements to it. Much of Chitra’s work draws on her Indian upbringing. This is reflected in her use of colour as metaphor, as a feeling for a particular colour often forms the starting point of her work. Her landscapes use ancient Indian historical sites as a starting point from which to root and develop imaginary structures that take on a life and logic of their own. Chitra is deeply interested in the metaphor of a ‘Temple’, ruined or whole, as an outward manifestation of an inner value.
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