Limited Edition Collector's Box | 20 x 20cm

Welcome to our limited edition collector's box curated by Smithson Gallery, available in 20 x 20cm and A6 (10.5 x 14.8cm).

This exclusive 20 x 20cm box contains a stunning collection of handmade artworks from twelve highly collectable artists including Andrew Millar, Charlotte Farmer, Clare Halifax, Frea Buckler, Gillian Garnica, Helen Jones, Jayson Lilley, Jono Boyle, Kareem Rizk, Rosie Emerson, Sarah Duncan and Sophie Layton.

Each artist has created a bespoke piece exclusively for the occasion in their unique signature style, a celebration of the Smithon Gallery aesthetic and an exquisite treat for our collectors.
View our Limited Edition Collector's Box | A6 (10 x 15cm)

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